ProfiTraining Leipzig

professional dance training  - professionelles Tänzertraining

Foto by Crisitina Perez Sosa
Foto by Crisitina Perez Sosa

About us

ProfiTraining is an initiative by Leipzig-based dancers for the Leipzig dance scene.

Regular morning classes in different styles and techniques offer the participants the opportunity to train and get in touch with different professionals. The classes are taught by regional and international teachers.



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An (incomplete) list of teachers who have been teaching:

Allison Brown

Harumi Terayama

Nir de Volff

Nica Berndt-Caccivio

Amancio Gonzalez

Ian Garside 
Alessio Trevisani

Overhead Project 

Marion Sparber

Heidi Weiss

Alma Toaspern

Martina La Bonté

Kalin Morrow

Markéta Pščolková

Enrico Paglialunga

Karl Frost

David Kummer

Juliette Rahon

Mona Hempel

Ildikó Tóth

Charlie Fouchier

Morgan Nember Reid

Marlen Schumann

Francesca Stampone

Nadine Freisleben 


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ProfiTraining does not have access to a space on a regular basis and depends on the benevolent support of studios and institutions in Leipzig such as 4fürTanz e.V., LOFFT - Das Theater, Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipziger Tanztheater a.o. 

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