The Stranger Question/ ANDERS ARTIG

by and with  Alma Toaspern, Kathryn Hamilton, Kinga Jaczewska, Juan Betancurth






premiere 18.08.2016 at LOFFT - Das Theater, Leipzig

shows 20.+21.08.  LOFFT - Das Theater, Leipzig

                    24.-26.08. landungsbruecken, Frankfurt/ Main


co - production  LOFFT - Das Theater

with the support of city of Leipzig - Kulturamt, Kulturamt Frankfurt/ Main, Fonds Darstellende Künste


residency flausen - young artists in residence, Theater Wrede+




Hospitality is tea without sugar, an empty chair, a pair of slippers, a second piece of cake, a recommendation, a duty,  awkward, soothing, intimidating.

Hospitality is not: a tea without sugar.


The piece is about Radical Hospitality: we are four artists (dance, theater, visual arts), citizens of different countries and each in our own way familiar with the role of the stranger. We've created this piece with the intention of making ourselves strange to ourselves and each other; and from this place to reconsider the current discussions about the limits of hospitality and the power dynamics between host and guest. Instead of offering solutions we are looking for an organized dissent. Is the guest not also the enemy on the threshold who puts everything into question?
A dance and theater performance.