The dreams in which I'm dying (Research)

concept/ choreography  Alma Toaspern

in collaboration with Susanne Grau, Rocio Marano Miguez, Marc Behrens (sound)

residency Pact Zollverein

work-in-progress-showing Copenhagen, with Corpus | The Royal Danish Theater

(production period and premiere postponed)

In this research Alma Toaspern deals with the often abstruse and illogical dramaturgy of dreams. In collaboration with Susanne Grau, Rocio Marano and Marc Behrens she investigates the continuum of failure and interruption by looking into the experiencing of final scenarios and liminal states in dreams.  If dreaming is considered a subconscious thinking process in images in a state in lowered physical activity, dance improvisation could be seen as a similar subconscious thinking process in heightened physical activity. With strong focus on physical exploration she assumes to find the nexus between improvising and dreaming somewhere between the known and the subconscious.