Wir könnten Heldinnen sein (We could be Heroines)

Foto: Moo Kim
Foto: Moo Kim

by and with Manon Parent and Alma Toaspern

dramaturgical support Tanja Hylling Diers


production 4fürTanz e.V. Leipzig

funded by  Kulturamt der Stadt Leipzig und der Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen

with the support of LOFFT - Das Theater, Corpus (Royal Danish Theater)


Toaspern and Parent are both players and the avatars of an analog live game which could be called "Who to become?". The game happens in a permanent un-writing and re-writing of their inner selves and, held by their complicity, manifested on a stage they gladly share with their audience.

Kneading themselves like dough made out of flesh and emotions, they sculpt the space by pulling on invisible fascias, continuously preventing it from becoming too serious, too happy, too precious or not enough of all these.

The desires motivating a quest for a better, more heroic self - a quest often taken for granted and inherent to the work of performers - are dissected and distorted by the two accomplices and turn into tools for them to act on the outer world.


What if the ability to transform and go through emotional upheaval was a real superpower?